5 Reasons Why Bartending is a Good Job for People

why bartending is a good job

Before we get into why bartending is a good job, answer a couple questions.

Are you a people person?

Do you love being surrounded by a lively atmosphere where the music is pumping and everyone is having a great time?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then bartending might just be the perfect job for you!

Here are 5 reasons why bartending is a good job for people who love a good time and flexibility.

why bartending is a good job bartending

1. Flexible Hours

There are many reasons why bartending is a good job, but one of the biggest advantages is the flexible hours.

Unlike many other jobs, bartenders can often choose when they want to work.

This can be a huge benefit for those with other commitments, such as school or family obligations.

Bartenders can also often arrange their schedules around their busiest times, so they can make the most money possible.

why bartending is a good job schedule

In addition, the flexible hours of bartending mean that employees are often able to take advantage of slow times and have more time to prepare for the next rush.

As a result, that is why bartending is a good job for those who need or want more control of their day.

2. Making Tips

One of the biggest advantages is that bartenders make tips.

This can add up to a significant amount of money each shift, which can be icing on top of the cake when you take into account the average bartending salary.

The amount that bartenders make in tips can vary depending on the bar, but generally bartenders make anywhere from $50 to $200 in tips per night.

why bartending is a good job tips

Some of this depends on the bartender’s personality and how good they are at their job, but tips are a major part of a bartender’s income.

3. Mastering Cocktails

There are many reasons why bartending is a good job.

One of the most undervalued benefits of bartending is that it offers the opportunity to master cocktail creation.

This means that bartenders have the chance to learn how to make a wide variety of drinks, from classic cocktails to new and innovative ones.

why bartending is a good job cocktail

This knowledge not only makes bartenders more efficient and able to make drinks faster, but it also allows them to impress guests with their drink-making skills.

In addition, bartenders who know how to make a wide range of cocktails are more likely to be able to land jobs at high-end restaurants and bars.

Therefore, mastering cocktails is a key benefit of bartending that should not be overlooked.

When you’re ready, check out our list of 25 Essential Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know.

4. Build Communication Skills

Being a bartender is a good job for people who enjoy interacting with others and want to hone their communication skills.

On a busy night, bartenders are constantly interacting with customers, taking orders, making drinks and small talk.

This fast-paced environment provides an excellent opportunity to practice communication skills, such as active listening and staying calm under pressure.

why bartending is a good job talking

In addition, bartending can be a great way to meet new people and build relationships.

Customers often strike up conversations with bartenders about their day, their weekend plans or even their life story.

As a result, bartenders have the opportunity to build strong relationships with customers that can last well beyond a single visit.

5. Fun Environment

Bartending can be a great job for someone who is looking for a fun and exciting work environment.

Not only do you get to meet new people and serve delicious drinks, but you also get to work in a positive and upbeat atmosphere.

why bartending is a good job vibe

People enjoy going to bars because they offer a fun and lively atmosphere.

Bartenders are able to create this atmosphere by being personable and engaging with customers.

They also play music and keep the place clean and organized, which contributes to the overall vibe.

The Opposite Side: Why Bartending is a Good Job

Although we just made a case for why bartending is a good job for those who enjoy fun environments, tips, and flexibility, the career might not be for everyone.

why bartending is a good job hardwork

There are a number of reasons why some people might not enjoy being a bartender.

For one, it can be a physically demanding job, as bartenders are often on their feet for long periods of time and required to lift heavy bags of ice.

Additionally, bartending can be a high-pressure job, as customers may become impatient or angry if they have to wait too long for their drinks.

Finally, bartending may require working late hours, which can be disruptive to one’s sleep schedule.

Final Thoughts: Why Bartending is a Good Job

If you’re looking for a job that’s fun and exciting, then look no further than bartending!

With its flexible hours, great pay, and endless opportunities for social interaction, bartending is the perfect job for people who love being around others and having a good time.

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step today.

Click here to find bartending opportunities in your area.

And, if you’re looking to learn the skills to bartending online, check out our guide: The Bartender’s Field Manual – Our Official Bartender’s Guide


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