7 Amazing Gift Ideas for Bartenders

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What’s worse than showing up to a part without a gift, how about showing up to a part with a horrible gift. Maybe. If you have a friend who’s a mixologist and have no idea what to get them, we’ve put together a list of 7 amazing gift ideas for bartenders.

This list is for aspiring cocktail creators, legitimate mixologists, and even at home martini mixers alike. If your friend knows their way around a shaker set and salt rim, then they’re going to love one of these amazing bartender gifts.

Please note, however, that these aren’t your typical seasonal gifts that you’ll find on Etsy. None of these are going to have printed hearts or a picture of Santa. These are bartender gifts for any occasion.

So, buckle up and get ready to add some of these to your cart.

1. Double Seamed Hipster Bartender Apron

Superman has his cape, and a bartender better have his apron. This is quite possible one of the most important tools that any bartender can have. Not only, does it serve a functional purpose of preventing any messes and storing important accessories, a bartending apron is also a representation of you and your establishment.

Better put, you wouldn’t trust a lawyer in an oversized suit right? Well, how would you like having a bartender with a sloppy apron making your drinks. No thanks.

These aprons, in particular, are great. They’re lint-free, soft cotton, odor-free, and made from eco-friendly organic products. These bartending aprons come with double seamed pockets and are machine washable in case you can’t keep your drink in the shaker.

Pick a color that suits your friend and watch their eyes light up as they unwrap this bartending gift.

salmon colored apron

2. Mixing Glass and Strainer Combo

While this might not be the most obvious gift to give a bartender, it is definitely a necessity in their day to day work. And much like anything in bartending, quality matters and lasts a whole lot longer. If you want to impress your friend then pick up this Dublin Collection Crystal Mixing Glass Pitcher Cocktail Shaker with Stainless Steel Julep Strainer.

It has a sparkle of typical Japanese diamond weave design pressed into the thick glass walls. Therefore, no doubt that this beautiful cocktail mixing glass will add beauty to a bar. It’s etching not only brings the timeless design and a special touch, but it also offers a textured surface that securely holds moist, cold glasses without slipping.

The set’s strainer is made up of stainless steel with a fixed rubber finger that provides you with a better grip. Also, the filter has a coil that settles comfortably on the rim of the mixing glass. Moreover, it allows a perfect pour from the combo’s spout.

gift ideas for bartenders crystal strainer

3. The Perfect Gift For Aspiring Bartenders

If your friend has expressed interest in bartending but has yet to make the leap into actually pursuing that career, then we’re here to help you help. The best intro to bartending, by far, is the A Bar Above Mixology Certification.

Soup to nuts, this online course will take someone with an interest in bartending and turn them into a confident and capable mixologist. The course instructor, Chris Tunstall, takes pride in mixology and pours his heart and passion for bartending into the modules.

A Bar Above Mixology Certification has easy to follow videos and quizzes that fit anyone’s learning style. So, if you want to really get the gift that keeps on giving, get your friend a pass to this bartending course.

gift ideas for bartenders online course

4. Mixology Dice

Mixology dice are a fun gift for a bartender of any caliber. They gives ideas to aspiring new bartenders and challenge confident mixologists, making them one of the easiest ‘sure shot’ gifts that you can get a bartender friend.

This set comes with eight dice with distinct ingredients that may combine 1.5+ million different cocktails. These ingredients include spice, bitters, spirit, herb, sugar, citrus, fruit, and liqueur.

The different combinations give a lot of inspiration to friends for cocktail making. Some are good, and some should never see the light of day. But, that’s half the fun.

gift ideas for bartenders mixology dice

5. A Cocktail Recipe Book

If you’re looking for a safe gift to get your bartender friend, than a cocktail recipe book is a good idea. This likely isn’t going to give them a ton of new ideas, unless they’re fairly new to the scene. However, these cocktail recipe books make a nice addition to someone’s kitchen, coffee table, or other unnamed placed someone might need reading material.

Although there are hundreds of cocktail books out there, this one here is a solid option when thinking of gifts for bartenders.

gift ideas for bartenders cocktail recipe guide

6. Smoking Cloche

Now this is a badass gift for bartenders. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s always something amazing about seeing a smokey cocktail. If you agree and want your bartending friend to make you some, then picking up a smoking cloche is the right move.

The best part about this smoking cloche is that it is straightforward to use. All you need to do is mix your drink, put the glass in a dome, and pump in the wood smoke to get your cocktail toasty. This is a bartending gift that stands out at parties and will definitely make a good impression on your friends.

gift ideas for bartenders smoking cloche

7. The Most Affordable Bartending Gift

At last, we’ve made it to ole reliable. The peanut butter and jelly of bartending gift ideas. A three-piece bar cocktail shaker kit. This is, without a doubt, the most affordable and widely purchased bartending gift that I have ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s nice to unwrap a pair of socks. Everybody uses socks everyday, so don’t feel bad about getting some socks.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t want to break the bank, then picking up this three-piece bar cocktail shaker kit is a savior for many procrastinators.

gift ideas for bartenders shaker set

Wrapping Up: 7 Amazing Gift Ideas for Bartenders

That’s about it folks. There are 7 amazing gift ideas for bartenders that are sure to impress any mixologist of any experience level. If you can think of some that didn’t make the list that have some mass appeal, let me know. Would love to also hear your experience in gifting these to friends.

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