Expert Guide: Food and Cocktail Pairing Essentials

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The perfect drink can enhance any dining experience, while the wrong one could ruin the entire meal. And even though combining food and drinks successfully requires a special set of skills regardless of the circumstances, it can be even more complicated when you’re experimenting with cocktails, as the flavors are incomparably more complex than your usual wine or beer options. However, once you find that ideal cocktail pairing that not only works, but also beautifully enhances the flavors, you’ll be able to complement any meal you serve, from a laid-back summer barbecue to a more formal dinner party event.

While there can be some science behind finding the perfect food and drink combination, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated endeavor, particularly if you start exploring all of your options. Because the flavor choices are truly endless, this entire experience can be incredibly fun and enjoyable, and can even lead to some remarkable and unique results. So, before you start mixing up a cocktail for your next meal, here is an expert guide on food and cocktail pairing essentials necessary for a successful combination.

Complementing a dish with cocktails

Expert Guide: Food and Cocktail Pairing Essentials 1

In order to complement a meal with the right cocktail, you need to either match or contrast the flavors of the dish. To come up with a successful pairing, you firstly need to take the body of the cocktail into consideration. If it’s a heavier cocktail, it would pair beautifully with a lighter, more soft-flavored meal, while a lighter drink might be a good option for stronger and heavier dishes. For instance, you can pair a light seafood meal with a strong vodka or gin cocktail, such as Sex in the Driveway or Stinger, and a spicy Asian meal with a more sweet and fruity drink like a great Mai Tai.

When it comes to matching your drink with the food you choose to serve, it would be a great idea to opt for a shared ingredient in both the cocktail and the dish, such as hints of lemon or lime, as chances are it would make for a wonderful combination that pairs exceptionally well. When choosing a dinner-worthy cocktail, you don’t necessarily need to step too far away from tradition, either. For example, if you want to go with a classic wine pairing, even simpler wine cocktails, such as a kir or a white wine spritzer, can be a great alternative to this timeless alcoholic drink, which adds a wonderfully unique note to the entire meal. No matter which combination you opt for, don’t be afraid to try a pairing that might surprise and delight your guests all at once.

Enhancing the flavour of a meal

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While it can often be tempting to shake up a rich chocolate Martini to serve with a chocolate dessert, it would be too much of the same flavor, thus taking away from the entire experience. You never want your food and drink pairing to be overpowering or to compete with each other. Instead, the cocktail should always be driven by the flavors of the meal, and used to enhance and elevate your dining experience. You can accomplish this by thinking about the flavors in the meal and what else you might eat on the side. For example, raspberries pair wonderfully with chocolate, which is why a French Martini with raspberry-flavored Chambord is such a great option for a rich chocolaty dessert.

Taking a cue from the pros

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While devising new cocktails or modernized versions of the old classics, many professional mixologists pay close attention to the aromas and the textures of the food they would pair well with, in order to provide the best experience for their customers. Some expert mixologists even invent new and interesting cocktails solely for the purpose of complementing a certain meal. If you can’t seem to find the ideal cocktail and food pairing, it might be a good idea to take a cue from these professionals and try to come up with a concoction of your own, which will beautifully enhance the flavor of your dish with your cocktail pairing. Of course, there’s no need to construct anything overly complicated or go into too much detail. Simply adding aromatics to a classic cocktail and using herbs to match similar flavors is a great way of pairing your drink with your chosen dish.

Paying attention to the origins

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If you’re lacking imagination, another great idea would be to match the cuisine to the origin of the spirit, as the food and the alcohol that originated from the same region or area typically pair together exceptionally well. For example, a cocktail that is based on sake, such as Saketini, tends to be the ideal choice for traditional Japanese meals, including sashimi and sushi. Similarly, a tequila-based cocktail would be a wonderful fit for Mexican cuisine, especially mole sauce, while an elegant brandy works beautifully with most French dishes. Of course, there are always certain exceptions to this rule, which is why it pays to test out a few different pairings in order to find the perfect one. However, some things are simply universal. Rum, whisky and vodka are great bases for most food combinations, as long as the complementing flavors do exactly what they are supposed to – complement.

Experimenting for the perfect combo

While you might be an expert at bartending, finding the right food and drink pairings can be a difficult endeavor for anyone who isn’t a professional food connoisseur. So, instead of taking a risk and opting for a combination that might not actually work, take some time to experiment beforehand. A good idea would be to first attempt combinations on a small scale before you offer them to a larger crowd. For example, you can think of a cocktail to serve at dinner for you and your family, and see whether you like the pairing. If that doesn’t go as planned, you could also use your experience of dining at a restaurant to experiment, as it will give you a great insight into different flavors, textures and pairings. Whenever you’re dining out, check out their cocktail menu, or even ask the server what the chef would recommend for a great pairing. Then, take this advice home, and create your perfect food and drink combination for your cocktail party food.
Pairing food with cocktails is not an exact science. Although you will most likely make some mistakes along the way, the most important thing is to experiment whenever you can, learn from your experience, and enjoy the process. After all, both the food and the drinks are meant to be appetizing and delicious, so shake some cocktails up and see how it goes.


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