Cóctel Negroni

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The Negroni cocktail is a classic that's often described as the perfect balance between sweetness, sour & bitter. It's very popular among bartenders.
Receta de cóctel de Negroni


Servir en un vaso de Rocas

  • 1 ginebra
  • 1 disparo Campari
  • 1 dosis de vermut dulce

Guarnición: 1 torsión de naranja o naranja flamígera.

Cómo hacer

  1. Build all the ingredients into a rocks glass
  2. Add ice & lightly stir
  3. Add the Garnish

Acerca de

The Negroni is a fantastic, simple cocktail that’s very popular among bartender & cocktail aficionados. It was once described to me as the perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter, and now that I’m a fan, I can’t help but agree.

It’s said to have originated in Florence, Italy in 1919 when Count Negroni asked his bartender to strengthen his favourite cocktail, the Americano, by adding gin rather soda water. Whether it’s due to its ‘perfect balance’ or the enormous amount of alcohol it contains, people have been addicted to this classic ever since.

The Negroni is, without a doubt, an acquired taste. The bitterness of Campari often puts people off in the beginning but ironically, it’s that bitterness that people grow to love. To add a little something extra and a bit more flair, finish it off with a flaming orange garnish and you’ll impress even the most sophisticated of Negroni drinkers.

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