Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

The Pimm's Cup cocktail is a classic British drink that's commonly ordered during summer style events and weddings.
Pimm's Cup Cocktail


Serve in a Collins glass

  • 2 shots Pimm’s No.1
  • 1 shot fresh lemon juice
  • Top with sprite

Garnish1 lemon slice, 1 orange slice, 1 cucumber slice, 1/2 strawberry, 2 mint leaves.

Tools & Equipment

How to Make

  1. Add the ingredients to your Boston shaker
  2. Shake & strain into a collins glass
  3. Add ice-cubes
  4. Top with sprite
  5. Add the garnishes


The Pimm’s Cup cocktail is the most British drink I’ve ever come across. It’s the drink of choice at the Wimbledon Open and it’s heavily consumed at pompous events like rowing regattas.

Unsurprisingly, the drink was created in England which is slightly amusing because it’s a marvelously refreshing summer drink. And summer in England isn’t very hot…

Pimm Cup No.1 is an aperitif liqueur that originated in the early to mid-1800s created by none other than James Pimm. No.1 is made with gin as its base spirit – once again very British. There used to be several variations made with different base spirits, rye, rum, vodka, etc but they slowly fell by the wayside and only Pimm’s Cup No.1 & 2 are still on the market.

Served properly, this drink is garnished with as many different fruits as you can get your hands on.

Pimm’s Cup Variations

Fruit of all sorts are commonly added to the Pimm’s Cup so feel free to add anything you like. Also, depending on the country you’re in, bartenders use ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, lemonade, or club soda as the top. Once again, feel to experiment here.

Finally, the Pimm’s Cup is commonly made as a jug to be shared by several people. Multiply this recipe by 5 and you should have enough for any standard-sized jug.

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