Irish Coffee Cocktail

The Irish Coffee is arguably the most popular cocktail in the world that's served warm. It was the first of its kind and many variations have been created because of it.
Irish Coffee Cocktail


Serve in an Irish Coffee glass

  • 2 shots Irish whiskey
  • 1 shot simple syrup
  • 4-5 shots hot coffee
  • Top with whipped cream

Garnish: 3 Espresso beans

Tools & Equipment

How to Make

  1. Add the coffee, whiskey & simple syrup to the Irish coffee glass
  2. Float the whipped cream on top
  3. Add the garnish
  4. Serve with a long teaspoon


In the early 1940s, bartender Joe Sheridan created this drink at Ireland’s Shannon Airport as a way to “warm” his passengers. After the passengers asked if they were being served ‘Brazilian Coffee,’ Joe told them it was ‘Irish coffee’ and thus, this world-renowned drink was born.

Stanton Deplane, a reporter & travel writer for the San Fransisco Chronicle, tried one of Joe’s Irish Coffees, loved it and then brought it over to America in 1952. The rest, as they say, is history.

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