Irish Car Bomb

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The Irish Car Bomb is a quintessential shooter every drinker should know. It's fun, alcoholic and entertaining to watch. It doesn't taste amazing, but that doesn't detract away from its popularity. These bad boys are served all over the world for good reason, especially around St, Patrick's day. It's also an ideal shooter to recommend at bachelor/stag-do parties.
Irish Car Bomb Shooter


Serve in 1 Shot glass & 1 Pint glass

  • 1/2 shot of Irish Cream (usually Bailey’s)
  • 1/2 shot of Irish Whiskey (usually Jameson)
  • Half a pint of Stout (usually Guinness)

How to Make

  1. Pour the Irish cream into a shot glass.
  2. Layer the Irish whiskey on top.
  3. Pour the half pint of stout into a pint glass.
  4. Instruct the drinker to drop (i.e. bomb) the shot glass into the half pint of stout and chug.
  5. Drink as fast as you can!


It’s no secret that the Irish know how to drink so it might come as no surprise that such an alcohol heavy concoction should be named after them. But despite its name, it was actually created in the United States by bartender Charles Oat in the late 1970’s.

Its called an Irish Car Bomb because it uses all Irish ingredients – Irish cream, Irish whiskey and Guinness stout.

The Irish Car Bomb is meant to be chugged fast. The longer it sits there after it’s been ‘bombed,’ the worse it gets because the Bailey’s starts to curdle as soon as it hits the Guinness. It’s the acidic nature of the stout that causes this reaction, similar to the effect you see with the Brain Damage Shot and the cement mixer shooter.

If you want the drinker to suffer, mention nothing! But if you’d prefer to be nice, instruct the drinker to skull it fast as they can before the reaction has too long to take its place.

It’s also worth noting that the Irish Car Bomb shooter has some controversy attached to it. The term ‘car bomb’ references both the style of shooter as well as the car bombings that took place during Northern Ireland’s troubles.

For that reason, some people find its name offensive and some bartenders have refused to serve it. Diageo Spirits company (they own both Bailey’s and Guinsess) have publicly stated they don’t wish to associate themselves with the Irish Car Bomb to avoid bad press.

It’s sometimes called an ‘Irish Slammer’, ‘Irish Bomb Shot’ or simply ‘Irish Bomb’ to avoid the controversy.


For the adventurous (and perhaps, the alcoholics), shoot an extra shot of Irish Whiskey before you drop the Irish Cream into the stout.

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