Brain Damage Shot (Brain Hemorrhage Shot)

For killing brain cells - the brain damage shot (aka the brain hemorrhage shot) is a great looking shooter perfect for Halloween. When made properly, the brain hemorrhage shot looks like brains & blood floating in a jar. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste too bad either.
Brain Damage Shot


Serve in a Shot glass

  • 0.66oz (20ml) Archer’s Peach Schnapps
  • 0.33oz (10ml) Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 2-3 drops of grenadine

Tools & Equipment:

How to Make

You’re just three steps away from having a completed brain damage shot:

  1. Pour the peach schnapps into your standard shot glass.
  2. Layer the Bailey’s on top by pouring it slowly onto the back of a bar spoon.
  3. From several inches above, carefully drop the grenadine through the baileys to create that gruesome brainy look and hemorrhage effect.


The brain damage shot (brain hemorrhage shot) is the perfect shooter for Halloween parties or your next Scrubs inspired get together.

Whilst the brain damage shot might look gruesome in its appearance, if you like sweet drinks, it’s actually quite delicious. It’s even better if you pre-chill your Bailey’s Irish Cream first – that also makes it easier to layer.

If you’re familiar with the Irish Car Bomb, you’ll know that Bailey’s curdles if you don’t drink it fast enough – the cream reacts with the acidic stout and leaves a very interesting result. The same thing happens with the brain damage shot (brain hemorrhage shot) except the Bailey’s reacts with the acidic Peach Schnapps instead.

Dropping in a heavy syrup like grenadine further curdles the Bailey’s by pushing it down into the peach schnapps and creates that ‘brainy’ look.

If you’ve never made a brain hemorrhage shot or seen them being made before, it’s fascinating to watch!

Note: the Brain Damage Shot reaction is also what makes the ‘cement mixer‘ shooter so fun. 

Brain Damage Shot (Brain Hemorrhage Shot) Variations:

With the concept of the curdling there, you can be imaginative with your variations to the Brain Damage Shot (Brain Hemorrhage Shot). Try dropping in different colored syrups for different colored looks. You can also experiment with different flavors of schnapps, that’s used to change how it tastes.

There are 2 well-known variations and they both play off of that same concept. The extra ingredients for the brain hemorrhage shot are used primarily to change its look.

Alien Brain Damage Shot:

The same as the original except you also add 2-3 drops blue curaçao liqueur along with grenadine. It adds blue to the mix making the brain look more alien.

Zombie Brain Damage Shot:

Made slightly different to the above variation, the zombie brain shot calls for creme de menthe as its additional ingredient. This adds the color green (apparently, the color of a zombie’s brain!). It’s made slightly differently to its alien brother – the zombie brain shot creme de menthe is added in before you layer the Bailey’s on top.


  •  2/3 shots peach schnapps
  •  1 dash creme de menthe
  •  1/3 part Baileys Irish Cream
  •  2-3 drops grenadine


  1. Pour the peach schnapps into the shot glass.
  2. Add the dash of creme de menthe
  3. Layer the Bailey’s on top by pouring it slowly onto the back of a bar spoon.
  4. From several inches above, drop the grenadine in.

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