Black and Tan

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The black and tan cocktail is a weird combination of lager & stout beer. When layered properly, this concoction looks really cool, I'm not 100% sure about its taste though.
How to Make a Black and Tan Cocktail - Crafty Bartending


Serve in a Beer glass

  • Half lager
  • Half stout or porter

Garnish: No garnish

How to Make

  1. Pour the lager into the beer glass first
  2. Carefully layer the stout or porter on top


The Black & Tan is a cocktail recipe that is about as simple as it gets. You simply layer a stout (usually Guinness) over a lager. Layering, or the act of pouring the stout over the back of a cocktail spoon, slowly is an essential part of getting the drink to layer correctly.

In Ireland, this drink is known as a Half & Half due to the political undertones of ‘Black & Tan’s’ referring to the English paramilitary.

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