Black Manhattan

Some people will tell you that a black manhattan is just a normal manhattan, but with a dash of bitters. Here's our black manhattan recipe, aka the best recipe.
black manhattan recipe


  • Rye whiskey: 2 oz
  • Averna Amaro: 1 oz
  • Angostura bitters: 1 dash
  • Orange bitters: 1 dash
  • Cocktail cherry for garnish

Tools & Equipment

How to Make

  1. Combine whiskey, Averna Amaro, and the bitters in a mixing glass with ice
  2. Stir well and strain into a chilled glass
  3. Garnish with a cocktail cherry


The Black Manhattan was created in the early 20th century as a variation of the traditional Manhattan cocktail. The main difference between the two drinks is that black version replaces vermouth with Averna amaro. This gives the drink a slightly more bitter flavor, which some people prefer over the sweeter taste of a traditional manhattan.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional manhattan or are looking to try something new, the black manhattan is definitely worth checking out.

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