Acre Cabo: Cocktail and Mezcal Tasting Experience

Acre cabo cocktails

We just got back from our trip to San Jose de Cabo in Mexico. We were grateful enough to have a chance to visit Acre Cabo. Opening in fall of 2015, Acre initially started as a farm to table eatery and farm.

Over the years Acre has expanded a ton, now hosting large weddings and housing guests with amazing accommodations. They continue to expand on their 25 acres building multiple swimming pools, pickleball courts, and dog adoption centers. 

Our dining experience was amazing. We got super lucky and were able to taste the entire wedding menu in small bites.

We also tried all of the amazing cocktails the bar produces. Let me tell you, this bar is amazing. The bartenders wear those high quality leather aprons where you just know they are going to serve you something extra yummy…or you expect something extra yummy based on the apron they wear. In this case, they overdeliver by a lot. 

I had heard about Acre Baja over the years and had seen celebrities and models visiting to take pictures alongside the beautiful setting. Typically when I see that it makes me less likely to go there, this was the case at first with Acre Baja. Let me tell you, you don’t want to miss this place. Tucked away outside of the major tourist zone, this tropical green land makes you feel like you’ve entered an entirely different area. 

Acre Mezcal

Something I didn’t know about Acre Baja until our trip, they also produce their very own Mezcal. Their mezcal is sold online, but also available across Cabo and in tons of bars across California.

They produce 4 types of Mezcal. If you don’t know much about Mezcal you can learn more here. The 4 types they produce are Tobala(my favorite), Cenizo, Espadin(most common), and Tepeztate. Here are my tasting notes: 

Tobala: Earthier than your more common Mezcals, this tobala has hints of chocolate and tobacco. 

Cenizo: Ultra dry and ultra earthy, the Cenizo lacks the smokiness most people assume is always in Mezcal. If you don’t traditionally like Mezcal, this is the choice for you. 

Espadin: Your classic smokey smell and initial flavor burst that almost opens you up from the smokiness you taste. 

Tepeztate: I really liked this one. It has hints of bitter fruitiness, almost grapefruit-esque. It tastes and smells very fresh, almost like it was poured out of the plant yesterday. 

If you enjoy Mezcal I’d definitely set up a tasting. If you enjoy whisky/scotch but haven’t tried Mezcal, it’s time to try it. Many scotch drinkers prefer Mezcal over Tequila because of the smokiness it contains. 

Acre Cabo Cocktails

Now, let’s get to the cocktails we tried. As you can see, the cocktails come out with a fun and flirty presentation. It really fits the vibes of Acre. Now, I’m a big mezcal person so I substituted mezcal in almost every cocktail I tried. The folks we were with tried the standard versions. Here’s what we thought: 

All around favorite: Mojito con Mezcal

Favorite Spicey Cocktail: Tres Amigos

Favorite Fruity Cocktail: Acre Marg

Most Refreshing: Mojito con Mezcal

The mojito con mezcal really quenches your thirst in that first sip. I may never have a regular mojito again. Even the other folks enjoyed the mezcal mojito more than a traditional one. It’s not too sweet, not too smoky, and just hits the pallet so cleanly. It fits perfectly with Acre and the luscious surrounding. 

The Tres Amigos was our favorite cocktail with some spice. The ancho reyes really adds a nice chili bite to the drink overall and you have to love the tajin rim. I’ve never had a Mexican flavored cocktail where a tajin rim doesn’t make it better.  

The Acre Marg is quite different than your traditional margarita. Acre is farm to table, they grow tons of fruits and vegetables. The fruit they grow the most of is mango. Let me tell you, this mango is amazing!  The mango puree really adds a more natural Mexican feeling to the margarita. It just fits Acre so well. 

Acre cabo cocktails

Here is the wedding cocktail options:

acre cocktail menu

Overall Experience at Acre Cabo

Lights out, amazing! We only got to experience the food, drink, and atmosphere but Acre Cabo offers so much more. The Acre Mezcal, Acre cocktails, and the food was all delicious. Combine all that with an amazing green lush atmosphere and you have a Mexican paradise. We will be back very soon!

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