10 Great Gift Ideas for Bartenders

Gift Ideas for Bartenders: Gifts for Bartenders

Lost trying to think of gift ideas for bartenders? You might have a friend who loves to create unique cocktails for you now and then… Or, someone in your family who’s an expert in mixology and comes up with stunning cocktails for every occasion… And now, you’re in a pinch.

Whatever the occasion, it’s always fun to select a gift for that particular bartender in your life.

This article makes your quest for a perfect gift end here by bringing a list of great gift ideas for bartenders. Read on!

1. Mixology dice

Mixology dice is one of the best gifts for bartenders, making it a safe bet. It comes with eight dice with distinct ingredients that may combine 1.5+ million different cocktails. These ingredients include spice, bitters, spirit, herb, sugar, citrus, fruit, and liqueur.

These dice give a lot of inspiration and are a lot of fun while making new cocktails. They’re suitable for someone experienced or new to the art of mixing drinks.

The instruction booklet helps in choosing the dice to be rolled in order to make several kinds of traditional drinks. It also allows the user to measure the precise proportions of ingredients that are to be used. You can buy this mixology dice from Amazon.

2. Portable picnic cocktail set

Everyone loves vacations, trips, or picnics. So why not choose a gift keeping that in mind? This beautiful case is a suitable gift for your friends, when they want to go out on a picnic.

A portable picnic cocktail set is an insulated case with the most elegant leatherette. The detachable leatherette strap allows you to carry it with ease. It also comes with a handle for easy transportation.

On the inside, the set has a shaker, olive picks, napkins, tongs, jigger, strainer, two martini glasses, and a separate cubicle for two bottles. These sets are available in classic black and brown shade. So why not pick one in your friend’s preferred shade?

This classy gift makes things more fun as flavoursome cocktails can be made with ease, anytime, and anywhere. You can find this gift on Amazon.

3. A cocktail recipe book set

A cocktail recipe book set can be the right gift as it offers a bartender great ideas to experiment and take his skills up a notch. This gift includes three books on punches, coffee, and whiskey cocktails.

With its 55+ alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, this book set is bound to keep you hooked. Typically, it allows mixing a pitcher commendable for any season or occasion.

The recipes are easy-to-follow. It presents detailed recipes from veterans in the industry on how to make fine art whiskey-based cocktails, classic cocktails, and new and innovative cocktails. It also provides suggestions for the best blend, bourbon, scotch, and whiskey to mix with your creations.

The book set also contains many coffee mixed beverage recipes. Jason Clark, an expert in mixology, educates you on how to create world-class coffee-based cocktails.

No doubt that your bartender friend will become a master mixologist with this book. Luckily, there are various such books available on eBay.

4. Smoking cloche

Gift Ideas for Bartenders: Gifts for Bartenders

This is one of the more unique gifts for bartenders who want to try something fancy. With the use of distinct kinds of herbs, spices, and wood, one can come up with incredible smoke-infused drinks. It is an excellent addition to someone’s kitchen, who wants to try their hand at gorgeous smoked cocktails.

Your friend would need to mix up a cocktail, put it inside the glass dome, and pump in the fragrant wood smoke through the smoking gun to get a smoked cocktail. It’s straightforward to use. This beautiful at-home smoker is suitable for creative bartenders who love to experiment. You can find this item on Amazon.

5. A quality new watch

10 Great Gift Ideas for Bartenders 1

Everyone loves to wear a quality watch. Well, almost everyone! Though it has nothing to do with your friend’s profession, it will surely help them organize their days and keep track of time better.

We know you’d agree that most of the bartenders have a great personality and carry a vibrant vibe. So, why not enhance their persona with a stylish watch? With a fantastic watch on their wrist, besides keeping track of time, they will be able to impress everyone around while showing their unique mixing skills. Choose amongst a luxury, sports, or a 0classic watch. Overstock is amongst the many online stores where you can buy a classy watch.

6. Three-piece bar cocktail shake kit

A glass cocktail shaker comes in handy when you want to mix classic cocktails. The shaker perfectly shakes and strains a cocktail, giving it a professional edge with a great taste. This shaker kit comes with amazing accessories, which we are sure your friend can put to good use.

The measurements and recipe labels on the mixing glass will make sure that a bartender easily mixes a pro-style Tom Collins, Mai Tai, Manhattan, or Whiskey Sour. They’ll just need to pour the ingredients and pop on the shaker before shaking it, straining it, and serving it.

Its shaker cup can fit on different pint glasses. Cleaning this shaker set is easy. You can find various cocktail shaker kits on AliEpress.

7. Frozen concoction maker

Does your friend love to throw cocktail parties? If yes, then this is a gift they will cherish. A frozen concoction maker simplifies their job.

Its ice reservoir is big enough to hold a maximum of three jars of drinks. The concoction maker does everything, from shaving the ice to automatically blending it with the ingredients. Thus, simplifying the process of preparing cocktails.

It has a tank that holds the ice until it’s required, and the ice melt reservoir holds the melted ice to keep it away from other ingredients. The faucet on the concoction maker’s mixing jar helps dispense the drink.

With a powerful motor that does not quickly overheat, it can go on for a longer duration. It is suitable for making both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Various frozen concoction makers are available on eBay.

8. Printed bartender t-shirt

Still not sure what to pick for the special occasion? Well, you can always rely on good quality T-shirts. However, keep in mind the following points before buying one:

  • Material – Don’t compromise on the material. Look for high quality and durable material.
  • Color – With the massive range of colors and designs that T-shirts are available in, on the market, one can easily get confused. Take into consideration the taste of the person whom you are going to give it. Knowing their preferred color and design would make it easier for you to make a choice.
  • Choose the writings well – The words on the T-shirt should be fun, inspiring, and convey a positive message. No matter how close you are to the person you want to gift, avoid buying anything with words that might offend them.
  • Choose the right images – Look for creative pictures related to bartending. Your friend might be having a cupboard full of T-shirts, but they might not have something related to bartending. Choosing something that defines them would surely make them delighted.

You can work with an artist to come with great design. There’s nothing better than giving a personalized gift to a friend.

9. Mixing glass and strainer combo

A mixing and strainer combo like diamond weave cocktail mixing glass and strainer are amongst the items that you can buy for someone who’s into bartending. It combines a mixing glass (an average Yarai) and a strainer (Hawthorne).

It has a sparkle of typical Japanese diamond weave design pressed into the thick glass walls. Therefore, no doubt that this beautiful cocktail mixing glass will add beauty to a bar. It’s etching not only brings the timeless design and a special touch, but it also offers a textured surface that securely holds moist, cold glasses without slipping.

The set’s strainer is made up of stainless steel with a fixed black rubber finger that provides you with a better grip. Also, the filter has a coil that settles comfortably on the rim of the mixing glass. Moreover, it allows a perfect pour from the combo’s spout. You can find such mixing glass and strainer combo on Amazon.

10. A bottle of fine liquor

10 Great Gift Ideas for Bartenders 2

It won’t be wrong to say that choosing a bottle of fine liquor as a gift can, at times, be very difficult. You must know the person well to identify a bottle of their preference. You can do some research by checking their home bar or start a liquor discussion. From the conversation, you might be able to get some clue on their likes and dislikes.

A bottle of scotch or a crate of Angry Orchard is a nice idea for the holidays, and it’s the perfect time with Christmas just around the corner. Fortunately, there are several bottles of scotch available for as low as $50.

We live in an era where many people prefer buying their stuff online, and liquor is no exception.

Gift Ideas for Bartenders Conclusion

Although you can gift these items to anyone. But, someone who has an interest in bartending would certainly appreciate it more.

When it comes to thinking about gift ideas for bartenders, there’s no end to imagination. The market is full of fantastic stuff. You need to put in a little thought to come up with a gift which would put a smile on your friend’s face.


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